LIC-Endowment Assurance Policy- With Profit

Minor Premiums High bonus Much liquidity Savings oriented This plan not only gives convenience of the family of daily life Assured in event in his early death furthermore guarantee a lump degree at a desired old age. The lump sum can be reinvested to feature an annuity income during the delicate process of his life or any kind of other way considered right at that time. Expenses are usually payable for that selected term of a lot of years or until death whether it occurs during the car finance term.

Suitability This plan would work for people of any age who wish to take care of their families from a fiscal crisis that may be held due to their illness. The amount assured if not paid by contributing factor of his death before will payable at no more the endowment term even it can be used an annuity provision through out the policyholder’s life and in any other way he or she think most suitable in those days. Premiums Premiums are payable yearly, halfyearly, quarterly, monthly or by just Salary deductions, as elected by you, throughout expression of the policy maybe earlier death.

Benefits Survival Benefits Which the Sum Assured along this vested bonuses is you’ll pay in a lump some on survival to no more the term. An additional Sum Assured is due on death. Death The Sum Assured as well as the vested bonuses is due on death in 1K Daily Profit kind of lump sum. Disability Help the policy holder is not essential to pay further payment if he becomes without a doubt & permanently disabled as being an an accident before getting the age of & the policy is in place.

The Disability Benefit can be purchased in respect of the at first Rs. , sum warranted on any one well being and the policy will continue in force. Accident Advantages By paying an way more premium of Rs. single Rs. sum assured each and every year he or his spouse and children members are entitled to these benefits on death or perhaps a permanent disability caused inadvertently. Even students above the age of a number of years can avail this improve. Premium Stoppage If payment of premiums ceases as a result of at least years fees have been paid the a free paidup prepare for a reduced dollar amount assured will be electronically secured provided the discounted sum assured, exclusive involving any attached bonus, can be not less than Urs.